Flash player is no more.  Or is it?

There are other ways to enjoy our flash games only if you really want to play them.

You can use a few alternatives like third party browser plugins but we have found they don’t fully work well enough for things like action scripts and they run very slow, plus they lag out your browser often times freezing it from 3 to 20 seconds. That is no good.

I don’t believe they (Adobe) decided to stop supporting Flash was for security reasons.
Flash is 25 years old and they had plenty of time to fix any security issues.
Instead of keeping to improve it, they went with focusing on other things like HTML5 because there is more money in it and it is easier to manage.

Here we will share how you can still enjoy using flash and playing flash games.

We will use Windows 10 as an example:
First, uninstall flash player from you computer.

Next, install an older version of Flash player (version April, 2020) which you can get here
Install that on Windows 10 (or Win 7/8).

Now instead of downgrading your web browser, just install an older version of a different browser which should have flash enabled on it.

This way you can enjoy playing flash games with another browser and keep your default browser up to date for safe web browsing.

Choose an alternative older web browser to install that is the latest month of year 2020:

Brave v1.18.78
Mozilla Firefox version 84.0.2 Recommended.
Google Chrome Not recommended to downgrade.
Waterfox G:3.0.2 Dec. 17th 2020 Recommended.

Basically, what we are doing here is installing the last stable release of the web Flash player from year 2020 for desktop computers.

If you know how, you can do this for other operating systems like Apple, Linux or almost any OS and web browser that had a working version of Flash, providing that one keeps a separate non updated flash web browser before Jan 12, 2021.

Mobile users can also reserve an non updated older browser app and and play flash content.

Here are 5 of the best Flash supporting browsers for Andriod.